Permits & Fees

The Engineering Department is responsible for issuance and administration of site permits needed for various activities throughout the Town. 

Please select the link below for further information and a list of fees associated with each.

Fill and Excavation Permits

Excavation and Fill Permits are required for any construction activities for filling and/or excavating as defined in the Town Code.

Should there be any questions regarding need for a permit, the Engineering Department should be contacted directly to schedule a site visit.

Environmental Protection Overlay District (EPOD) Permit

There are several EPODs across the Town that are subject to specific requirements given the sensitivity of the environmental area that they are in. Any construction, clearing, stripping, etc. that is to be completed in these areas is subject to both Town and (potentially) NYSDEC approval. 

Please reach out to the Engineering Department to see if you are in and EPOD and are subject to an EPOD permit.

Permit valid for six months from issue date. 

LINK:   EPOD Permit Application

Town Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP) Permit 

Any land disturbance activities (e.g. clearing, construction, grading, etc.) that disturbs between 25,000 square feet and 1 acre of land require a Town SWPPP permit. This permit ensures soil and other contaminants do not migrate offsite, which helps maintain the health of our waterways, and helps with compliance of the Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4). Any construction activity disturbing 1 acre and above will require a NYSDEC SWPPP permit, which is also subject to Town review. 

This application should be used for Town SWPPP permits only. 

Please contact the engineering department for further information if you are in need of the NYSDEC SWPPP permit.

LINK:  SWPPP Permit Checklist

LINK:  SWPPP Permit Application

LINK:  SEQR Short Environmental Assessment Form

LINK:  Contractor-Subcontractor Certification Statement