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All General Inquiries

  1. Request Assistance

    Residents can request assistance with finding general Town information.

Animal Control

  1. Wildlife Questions

    Residents can submit questions regarding wildlife to our Animal Control Officer.

Assessment Office

  1. Request Assessment Assistance

    Residents can submit their questions regarding Assessments, and Exemptions.

Building Department

  1. Abandoned Homes

    Report an abandoned home in Webster

  2. Code Enforcement Report Form

    Residents can use this form to submit questions or concerns regarding a code issue in their neighborhood.

  3. Streetlight Reporting Form

    Residents can use this form to report an issue with a streetlight, for the Town for review.

  1. Board Meeting Comment Form

    Residents can submit their comments for the Town, Planning, or Zoning Board meetings.

  2. Request Assistance

    For Building Dept. assistance with permits, applications and general inquiries.


  1. Contact Us

    Please utilize this form for questions or concerns related to Engineering within Webster

  1. Resident Feedback

    Submit comments or questions regarding 600 Ridge Road


  1. Tree Evaluation Form

    Report a concern regarding a tree located in a Town Park, Park District or Open Space.


  1. 55+ Programs

    Residents can request information regarding our 55+ Programs and offer feedback.

  1. Personal Training