Pump Stations

The Town of Webster has 22 pump stations located at the following addresses:

Name                           Address

Ahepa                  101 Ahepa Circle
Beverly                 644 Beverly Drive
Coastalview           1347 Lake Road
Fawnwood             1060 Fawnwood Drive
Glenview               490 Klem Road
Glen Edythe       Glen Edythe Drive
Hedges                 1284 Lakeshore Drive
Hillsboro Cove        1180 Hillsboro Cove Circle
Klem Road             767 Barnes Lane
Millcreek                Creekside Trail
Nature Trail           1309 Nature Trail
Peartree                980 Peartree Lane
Pioneer                 530 Galbro Circle
Sandbar                101 Lake Road
Shipbuilders            Shipbuilders Creek Road
Stony Point            700 Ensign Drive
Shoecraft               1162 Shoecraft Road
Stockbridge            1202 1/2 Stockbridge Road
Vosburg                 595 1/2 Vosburg Road
Wall                      1168 Wall Road
Webster Park          1110 Lake Road
Webster Pier           1088 Lake Road

If you hear an alarm coming from the pump station area please call 265-0505.

If you see any suspicious activity at any of these locations please call 911.