Tree Maintenance

See below for the Town of Webster's Tree Policy.  

For questions regarding the Tree Policy or BID process, please email:

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Tree Process Chart FINAL 2022-1
Tree Process Chart FINAL 2022-2

To check if your property is within Town Open Space or a Park District, please use this map:  

LINK:  /DocumentCenter/View/3472/2019-Preserved-Lands-Map

** The Town does not have lands classified as "Forever Wild" and the only preserved lands in Webster are listed on the map above.  

If you have a tree concern near a power line, please contact RGE directly and refer to their tree care guide: Tree Care Guide Link

Ash Trees:

Ash trees in Webster are currently experiencing infestations by the Emerald Ash Borer, an invasive beetle.  

When the tree becomes infested, the tree canopy will show signs of die-back, yellowing, and browning of leaves. According to the NYS DEC, the trunk of the tree  will have large strips of bark falling off, revealing S-shaped larval galleries. 

Most trees will die within 2 - 4 years of an infestation.

NYS DEC information on the Emerald Ash Borer:


How to identify an Ash Tree:

- Compound leaves with 5 - 11 leaflets that have a smooth or finely toothed outer edge
- Branches are in pairs, directly across from each other
- Mature bark has diamond-shaped ridges