Town Board Meeting Updated Agenda

 September 7, 2023 ~ 7:30 p.m.

Town Board Room

* located behind the main Town Hall building next to the Justice Courts (building with the blue roof) *


Pledge of Allegiance ~ Roll Call  

Proclamation:  Honoring Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

Open to the Floor- Each speaker will be allowed five minutes

Minutes to be considered for approval:     August 17, 2023

Regular Town Business:

1.    Consideration to approve bills, as submitted by the Director of Finance.

2.    Consideration to approve prepaid warrant as submitted by the Director of Finance.

3.    Consideration to approve purchase orders as submitted by the Director of Finance.

4.    Introduction of proposed 2024 Fee Schedule and 2024 Webster Parks and Recreation Center and Lodge Facility Rates presented by Paul Adams, Director of Finance.

                 View Fee Schedule - PDF LINK

                 View Facility Rates - PDF LINK

5.    Introduction of proposed 2024 Authorized Positions listing by Brayton Connard, Director of Personnel.

                 View List of Positions - PDF LINK

6.    Resolution to approve the 2024 Tentative Budget as presented by the Town Clerk.

                  View Resolution - PDF LINK

                  View Tentative Budget - PDF LINK

7.    Resolution to adopt the revised "Procurement Policy" as presented by the Director of Finance.

                 View Policy - PDF LINK

8.    Resolution to make a SEQR Determination of Significance on the fairlife Project.

                 View Resolution and Supporting Documents - PDF LINK

9.  Resolution to set a public hearing on an Industrial Use Permit for the fairlife project for September 21, 2023 at 7:30 PM to be advertised in the Wednesday, September 13, 2023 edition of the Webster Herald.

10.    Resolution to approve and authorize the Supervisor to sign the proposal to obtain services from B&L to review the fairlife pretreatment drawings and specs when they become available, on the Town’s behalf.

11.  Resolution for the Supervisor to sign an agreement with Costich Engineering to provide engineering services for the upsizing of the sanitary sewer main from Tebor Road to Phillips Road to accept the additional flow from the fairlife facility.

12.  Resolution to have Supervisor authorize a 2-year contract with Penn Power for the Preventive Maintenance Services to be performed on the 22 Town owned generators for the amount of $12,094.00 per year.

13.  Resolution to authorize the Town Supervisor to execute a revised Letter of Engagement with Woods Oviatt Gilman LLP for consultation and advice related to the legal compliance with the mandates of the State Environmental Quality Review Act (SEQR) approval process associated with The Coca Cola Company fairlife Project.


14. Resolution to issue a Request for Proposal (RFP) for Professional Survey Services associated with the Boulter Industrial Parkway Extension Project.

15.  Resolution to amend and allow the Supervisor to sign an agreement with MRB for Professional Services related to Engineering, Site, SEQRA, & Building Reviews and Inspections for the fairlife project.

16. Resolution to authorize a member of the MRB Group project team, to sign documents on behalf of the Town of Webster in their capacity as acting Town Engineers.

                 View Resolution - PDF LINK

17.  Resolution to designate the Superintendent of Highways as the interim Town MS4 Stormwater Official.

18.  Resolution to authorize the Town Supervisor to sign an agreement with Atlantic Testing for construction testing services on the new highway building project.

19.   Resolution to authorize the Town of Webster, Town Board to designate the Webster Economic Development Alliance (WEDA) as its Municipally Designated Non-Profit Economic Development Organization. 

20.  Resolution to approve a license agreement to locate a fence within a Town Drainage Easement at 811 Houston Road, having Tax ID # 063.20-2-22.

21.  Resolution to declare the following items for auction from the Police Department.

        •    2018 Ford Explorer                       Asset Tag # 06581

        •    2019 Ford Explorer                       Asset Tag # 06578


22.  Resolution to declare the following items for recycling from the Sewer Department.

        •    Tricling Filter Building                 Asset Tag # 925044

        •    Tricling Filter Engineering Fee     Asset Tag # 925045

        •    Tricling Structure Cost Estimate   Asset Tag # 925046

        •    Distributor Rotary Type 20 RH    Asset  Tag # 002031

23.   Resolution to declare the following items for recycling or transfer from Community Development and Engineering.

         •    Sony Digital Camera                    Asset Tag # 003400

                                                                     (Transfer to Assessment)

        •    Legal File Cabinet                        Asset Tag # 3829 recycle

        •    2 drawer File Cabinet                   Asset Tag # 3212 recycle