Town Board Meeting Updated Agenda

 August 17, 2023 ~ 7:30 p.m.

Town Board Room

* located behind the main Town Hall building next to the Justice Courts (building with the blue roof) *


Pledge of Allegiance ~ Roll Call  

Open to the Floor - Each speaker will be allowed five minutes

Minutes to be considered for approval:     August 3, 2023

                                                                           August 10, 2023 (Workshop)


Regular Town Business:

1.    Consideration to approve bills, as submitted by the Director of Finance.

2.    Consideration to approve prepaid warrant as submitted by the Director of Finance.

3.    Consideration to approve purchase orders as submitted by the Director of Finance.

4.    Resolution to transfer up to $45,000 from the Parkland Trust Fund to cover the remaining cost to  

       complete the Recreation Center Pickleball Tennis Court Rehab Project H0236.

5.    Resolution to approve the Debt Management Policy.

6.    Resolution to declare the Webster Town Board as Lead Agency for the purpose of conducting the     

         environmental review (SEQR) for the fairlife Project.

7.    Resolution to authorize the purchase of 27.8+/- acre parcel located at 760 Herman Road Webster, New 

       York (Tax ID # 064.01-1-17) for the creation of Herman Road Forever Wild Forest.

8.   Resolution to consent to the placement of a traffic control device by the County of Monroe 

        Department of Transportation, pursuant to authority granted by Sections 1651 and 1652-a of the New  

        York State Vehicle and Traffic Law, at the following locations:  


          Traffic Regulation: Northbound Stop Sign     Location: Whiting Road @ Shoemaker   

          Traffic Regulation: Southbound Stop Sign     Location: Whiting Road @ Shoemaker  

9.   Resolution to declare the following items for recycle from the Cable Access Department.

    JVC VHS Player                       Asset Tag# 3731

    JVC VHS Player           Asset Tag# 3770

    Panasonic Mixer                      Asset Tag# 3753

    Panasonic Mixer                      Asset Tag# 6325

    Panasonic DVD Player            Asset Tag# 5528

    Panasonic DVD Player            Asset Tag# 6336

    Sony Camera                            Asset Tag# 4505

    JVC DV Deck                             Asset Tag# 4508

    Leightronix DVR                       Asset Tag# 4437

    Sigma Switcher                        Asset Tag# 2722

    Videonix Swticher                    Asset Tag# 3747

    Panasonic Switcher                 Asset Tag# 3763

    HP Computer                            Asset Tag# 6138

    LG Monitor                                Asset Tag# 6137

    JVC Camera                              Asset Tag# 5920 

    Panasonic Camera                   Asset Tag# 6132

    Nikon Camera                           Asset Tag# 7046

    Sony CRT Monitor                    Asset Tag# 3742

    Jensen Radio                            Asset Tag# 6139

    Phillips DVD Player                  No Tag

    Zenith VHS Player                    No Tag

    Polaroid Monitor                       No Tag    

    Dell Monitor                               No Tag