Town Board Meeting Agenda

February 2, 2023 ~ 7:30 p.m.

Minutes to be considered for approval:         January 12, 2023 (Workshop)   Approved

                                                                                         January 19, 2023   Approved

Regular Town Business:

1.   Consideration to approve purchase orders, bills, and prepaid warrant as submitted by the Director of Finance.   Approved

2.    Resolution to transfer up to $130,000 from the General Town-wide Fund to the Courthouse Roof Repair Project H0235.   Approved

3.    Resolution to authorize the Town Supervisor to enter into Inter-Municipal Agreements and Funding with Monroe County for STOP DWI Programs.    Approved

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4.    Resolution to authorize an Agreement between the Highway Superintendent and the Webster Town Board to spend 2023 Highway Funds in the amount of $2,109,000 for General Repairs and $359,344 for Permanent Improvements.  Approved

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5.    Resolution to approve that the Town's Position Schedule/Blanket Bond include Christine Seppeler, Town Justice, as to the amount, form, sufficiency of surety thereof; the cost of said Bond being a charge upon the Town of Webster.   Approved

6.    Resolution to appoint Meghan Friedle to the PROSAR Board for a term of 3 years ending December 31, 2025.   Approved