Abandoned Homes

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The Town of Webster is collecting information on current abandoned homes.

Residents can assist in this effort by reporting abandoned homes in their neighborhood.

Town Code:  § 225-81.1. - Abandoned property:

The intent of this regulation is protect the health, safety and welfare of the residents of the Town of Webster by establishing a process to identify abandoned properties and provide a means by which the Town may remedy conditions that threaten public health, safety and welfare.

What Qualifies a Property as "Abandoned"?

Per Webster Town Code Section 225-3:

An abandoned property is hereby defined as one that has not been occupied as a residence or a business for a period of one month, and meets one of the following criteria:

A.  The property is in need of rehabilitation and has not been rehabilitated during the unoccupied period;

B.  Construction has been initiated on the property in the past, but not for the three-month period;

C.  The property has been determined to be a nuisance by the Code Enforcement Official (nuisance includes a finding that the property is unfit for human habitation and/or is determined to be a fire hazard or potential health and safety hazard);

D.  Where vandalism at the property has gone unrepaired;

E.  Where there exists a lack of maintenance of the yard area as defined above; or

F.  A public utility (gas, electric, or water) has been shut off by the utility company.

If you a suspect a home in your neighborhood is Abandoned, you can report it to the Town using our new online form:


Once a report is received:

The Town will initiate an investigation of the property, which will include multiple levels of research and communication with other agencies. 

During this time, you may see Town staff visiting the property and monitoring it until a resolution is reached.

Please note that our Code Enforcement staff are only able to physically enter a property under certain conditions and with certain legal permissions.    

This process will take time, and the Town will provide updates to impacted residents when feasible. Your patience is greatly appreciated while the Town does its due diligence to address these properties.

In the case of a general code concern in your neighborhood:

Concerns can include unkept lawns, unregistered vehicles, trash/debris, noise issues, etc.

Please contact our Code Enforcement Dept.:

Phone: 872-7035 

Email: codeenforcement@ci.webster.ny.us

or complete our  Online Reporting Form