Town and County Resources

Here you will find a listing of the local support resources available to residents.

Monroe County Opioid Task Force:

The Monroe County Opioid Task Force offers assistance and resources for prevention education, treatment, recovery, and enforcement strategies.

Address: 1350 University Avenue, Rochester
Phone: (585) 627-1777
Hours of Operation: Thursday/Friday/Saturday 4 - 10 pm

ROCovery Fitness: 

A supportive community of physically active individuals brought together by sober living, committed to creating an environment of healing and recovery. Members, friends and families are empowered to discover their inner strength and confidence through adventure, fun and camaraderie.


ROCovery Outreach Center

1035 Dewey Avenue Rochester, New York 14613
Phone:  (585) 484-0234


A not-for-profit that focuses on educating families and offering peer-to-peer counseling for those struggling with addiction.

Carol Hulsizer, Director

1350 BUFFALO RD #31
ROCHESTER, N.Y.. 14624

Phone: 585-944-4270


Roc 'N Recovery Talk Show: 

Channel 18 Rochester  WBGT TV
Saturdays 6:30 am & 1:00 pm


Recovery Coach University:

Today’s opioid epidemic has brought much attention to a growing health crisis in our country and communities. We are leaders in Peer & Recovery Coach Training, and Family Recovery Support Services. Peers and Recovery Coaches can be key in helping to sustain recovery for individuals and for their affected family members. 

Recovery Coach Services for Families:

- A Family Recovery Coach is someone who helps those Affected by the addiction and recovery of another through their own recovery process. Much like the journey of recovery from addiction, family members' lives can begin to unravel as they navigate the significant challenges of loving a person in active addiction or early recovery.

Recovery Coach Services for Individuals:

- A Recovery Coach promotes recovery by removing barriers and obstacles to recovery and serving as a personal guide and mentor for people seeking or already in recovery.

Families Recover Together - Support Group:

- If you are a parent, sibling, spouse, grandparent, aunt, uncle or adult child affected by a loved one’s addiction, we are here to offer proactive, empowering, action oriented support. Our format includes an educational ‘lesson’ at each meeting as well as group coaching, goal setting, boundary establishment, feedback, role play practice, helpful assessments and conversations.

Contact Lori to schedule a consultation:

(585) 303-5339 or


Monroe County Recovery Support Navigator:

The Recovery Support Navigator service provides family-focused (or other loved one focused) services designed to guide, educate, and support families through the addiction treatment and recovery process through peer and family support. The Recovery Support Navigator services help individuals and their loved ones become engaged in recovery-focused activities including addiction and opioid abuse treatment, counseling, support groups, peer interactions, and community services.


Phone: 855-778-1200 (24/7) and 855-778-1300 (support number)                                                             

Address: 1350 University Ave. Rochester, NY 14607


Monroe County Providers of Recovery Services:

Monroe County OASAS Certified Treatment Providers:

Behavioral Health Providers in Monroe County:

Local Treatment Providers - Outpatient and MAT:

- Strong Recovery Outpatient and Opioid Medication Treatment Programs

Local Treatment Providers: Inpatient Rehabilitation

- Rochester Regional Health - 4 Chemical Dependency Programs/Locations

Recovery Network of New York:

The Recovery Network is a peer-led/peer driven service program. Our mission is to improve the delivery of substance abuse treatment and to help reduce the stigma associated with addiction and people who have been formerly incarcerated.


Rochester/Monroe Recovery Network

228 South Plymouth Avenue Rochester, NY 14608
Phone: (585) 328-8230

National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence - Rochester Area:

"NCADD-RA provides both research-based and evidence-based substance abuse and problem gambling prevention services to a diverse population through education, support, resources, advocacy and referral."


Phone: (585) 719-3481 or 719-3484                                                                                                                

Address: 1931 Buffalo Road, Rochester, NY 14624